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Dispatched to a subject coughing up blood. Upon our arrival, this patient was found in the front seat of a car, under the influence of suspected narcotics with poor coordination…inspection of the right hip was noted a loaded pistol the patient was grabbing for while slurring the words “I’m going to kill you.” The firearm was rapidly removed from the patient, unloaded and law enforcement was summoned.
Eastern NC 10.2019

Diabetic call. Pt showed signs of hypoglycemia. Asked if I could take his blood sugar, said no and as I turned my head to ask his wife for assistance he sat up and slapped my hands hard enough to make me drop my supplies.
Eastern NC 11.2018
Pt was acting out anxiously (never violent or threatening violence) while secured to the stretcher. … She began attempting to remove the 5 point safety restraints. The ambulance was halted and my driver got in the back to assist with resecuring the pt and possibly restraining physically/ chemically due to behavior. She became verbally abusive. …she spun her body around towards me and struck me with a closed left fist to the left side of my face.  Myself and my partner immediately engaged in gaining control of the pt and her limbs. She fought for several minutes. She made several attempts to bite us. She threatened to kill us, stab us, and overall harm us any way possible. I was quickly able to release her grip with applied force (taught in our self defense classes provided as CME) to her wrist.  Help was only a few blocks away and several EMS single responders and PD arrived within a minute of calling for them. The pt was safely secured in restraints and chemically sedated. A different crew was called in to transport the pt. 
Central NC – 8.2020
EMS responded to a female with a headache. The patient had been to the hospital the night before and wanted to go back for more pain meds. We explained that she needed to follow up with her PCP, then she threatened to commit suicide by ingesting all her pills. The patient proceeded to make homicidal remarks about her husband. The patient was transported for HI/SI evaluation. Once at the ED, the patient would not comply with the nursing staff … holding her down to restrain her and she hit the left side of my face with a closed fist.
Central NC 2.2019